5 Days Desert treks

Day 1 : Mhamid el Reg Arada dunes – the ruins of Sidi Bousnina

After meeting your team and making preparations, you will start on foot with your guides to the ruins of Sidi el Reg Bousnina via Arada. Picnic lunch along the way. We set up camp at night by the ruins of Sidi Bousnina.

Day 2 : The ruins of Sidi Bousnina Erg Ezzahar

From the very early morning departure to the dunes of Erg Ezzahar. Lunch on the way, in the afternoon, the caravan moves on to the dunes. Small tea ceremony at sunset while the caravan chef prepares a tasty tagine for dinner. Overnight in a tent, or under the stars.

Day 3 : Ezzahar Erg – Erg Smar

Wake up to the sunrise and Nomad breakfast around the embers of the evening camp fire. The caravan continues towards Erg Smar through Ait Ounabgui. Lunch in the desert. Dinner and overnight in tents, or under the stars.

Day 4 : Erg Smar – Erg Ait Ounirte

The Camel Trek continues through the desert. Picnic for lunch under a tamarisk tree. Setting up camp for the night while the caravan chef prepares dinner.

Day 5: Erg Ait Ounir – Rass Nkhall

After breakfast, the caravan takes the road back to Mhamid Oasis and palm trees!. Goodbye to your caravan team. You will dine and spend the last night in our camp in the oasis.

5 Days Desert treks price :
1 Person From 770 Euros per person
2 – 3 people From 417 Euros per person
4 – 7 people From 321 Euros per person
8 – 12 people From 316 Euros per person
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