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Morocco Destination Tours Company is a small Moroccan tour company based in the Sahara desert Morocco, owned and run by Berber Family from the southern of the Morocco exactly the dunes of Erg Chebbi Dune Merzouga, they have transformed their passion in their profession: share the magic of the desert with international travelers.

Our company has a team of professional drivers and knowledgeable guides whose are passionate about sharing our culture, heritage and history and exploring the hidden side of the magic of our beautiful country with you. have and they have devoted themselves for tourism sector for many years and they are proud to show the best of Morocco for their clients.


we invite to know the real Morocco, the Places, local People and experience the nomadic life and the life in Oasis with us, explore Morocco for its wonderful landscapes, historic sites and Sahara desert tours, Camel trek and the unique and the culture of the local Amazigh ( Berber ) people.


10+ years Experience in Tourism

  • Experience & Knowledge
  • Enjoy more flexibility
  • Customize the tour tailored your desire and your budget
  • Travel in comfort with security

Get to know the other side of Morocco

Our specialist team is native of Moroccan local people and is proficient in navigating both the city and the desert. They are well versed in the local culture and traditions, We strive for a quality experience via excellent tour guides, great condition vehicles, well thought out itineraries, reliable communication, they are tied by serving you better and answering you question and assist you during your tour in Morocco,
If you would like to get the most out of your visit tell us about your interests, what and where you’d like to visit and we would be more than pleased to inform you and suggest a tour tailored to suit you and your budget..

Accommodations :

We always offer accommodations at reasonable price depending on your budget: Low priced, mid priced, high priced. We propose such a kind of hotels and Riad in Morocco where to stay during your vacation, and we are always looking for new accommodation to suit our customers desire. If you have any different accommodation in mind,Just let us know in advance. Your comfort is above anything else.

Please feel free to get in touch with us. We are pleased to offer our advice within 1-2 days after we get your email.