4 Days CAMEL desert treks

Cross the swirling sands of the Sahara, watch dawn break across the dunes. Recreating the simple nomadic lifestyle, spend three nights camping out under the crystal clear desert skies, the dramatic desert backdrop covered by a dreamy blanket of stars.

Day 1 : Mhamid – Oued Naam

Meeting point 09.00am at Hotel Kasbah Sahara Services in Mhamid. We start our trip on the back of our camel to explore and discover very beautiful and wonderful parts of the big desert. Our journey is leading us towards the big dunes of Erg Chegaga. After around 3 hours riding we enjoy our lunch break under a shadowy tree, followed by a cup of tea to refresh our bodies. After another 3 hours riding and/or trekking, we set up our camp in a dry river bed (Oued Naam) to spend the night under the stars. Overnight including half board at Sahara Services Mobile Bivouac Camp, Oued Naam

Day 2 : Oued Naam – Lotide

This morning, we take our luggage and move on through the magic Sahara desert. We cross a big part of the desert area (about 3 hours of camel riding). Lunch will be enjoyed in the middle of the desert. Refreshed and strengthened, we continue to explore and enjoy the superb and unusual sights. After another 3 hours of walking, we set up our camp in a wonderful dune area named Lotide. Overnight including half board at Sahara Services Mobile Bivouac Camp, Lotide.

Day 3 : Lotide – Erg Chegaga

After the sunrise and our breakfast, we carry on our trekking with our companion animal (camel) towards the big dunes of Erg Chegaga. Before we reach this large group of dunes, lunch and a cup of tea are offered to relax and get more energy in a Sacred Oasis that consists of a small group of palm trees and a source of water which is running throughout the whole year. Our journey continues for around 15 km till we reach the big dunes of Erg Chegaga with the height of 300 m and a length of 40 km. Enjoy the sunset on the high dunes to taste a different world of calmness and tranquillity. Overnight including half board and entertainment at our Sahar Service Standard Camp, Erg Chegaga.

Day 4 : Sahara Desert – Mhamid

Enjoy a picturesque sunrise upon the sand dunes and a refreshing breakfast at the tent restaurant. Afterwards we make our way back by 4×4 Jeep to the village of Mhamid, the “Desert Gate of Morocco”. Arrival at the Hotel Kasbah Sahara Services will be around 10.00am. Continue your journey or extend your stay for another night at our cosy Hotel and enjoy the refreshing swimming pool.

4 Days CAMEL desert treks price :
1 Person From 737 Euros per person
2 – 3 people From 440 Euros per person
4 – 7 people From 326 Euros per person
8 – 12 people From 288 Euros per person
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